Leader said council tax freeze was a priority

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THE leader of Portsmouth City Council said he made it a ‘priority’ to make sure council tax is frozen for the second year running.

As reported, next Tuesday the ruling Lib Dems will propose a budget based on a zero rise, and will ask the full council to approve it.

This would mean households in band D properties – seen as a national average – would pay £1,149.12 for council services, the same as last year.

Households in bands A to C – which cover more than 80 per cent of the city – would pay between £766.08 and £1,021.44.

Council leader Cllr Vernon-Jackson said: ‘This has been a tough budget, with hard decisions about saving money because of reductions in the amount we get from the government. But we know Portsmouth residents are having to tighten their belts too, so we made it a priority to keep council tax down.’

As well as the amount from the council, each resident’s council tax bill will include amounts from Hampshire Police Authority and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority. These are yet to be formally decided, but it is likely that they will also be frozen.

If this is the case, a band D property’s overall council tax bill, including police and fire, would be £1,356.75. The actual amount residents pay depends on what band their home is in, and any benefits or discounts they qualify for.