Letter of the Day: Come on, Flick, we need more CCTV

Flick Drummond
Flick Drummond
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Well, here we go again (Cyclist tells of brutal gang attack, June 13).

To say my blood is boiling is an understatement.

Yet again another cyclist is attacked in Waverley Road, Southsea.

It seems now you can’t go about your own business or (God forbid) go to work to try and earn a decent living without getting attacked by a drunk/drug-fuelled cowardly gang who wouldn’t even know that dirty four-letter word - work – if it slapped them in the face.

The area really needs CCTV then (maybe?) these attacks will stop.

Which brings me on to the new local MP for the area, Flick Drummond. Flick, you have your work cut out for this troubled area.

This poor cyclist is probably going to be off work now because of these mindless thugs and horrible, serious, vicious assaults.

So, Ms Drummond, what is it going to take before someone gets killed, before anything is done?

CCTV for Waverley Road now!

Steven Kingett

Hampshire Street, Fratton