Letter of the Day: Corbyn unhinged? No, it’s Tony Blair

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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Apparently, according to a newspaper billboard, there is a madman about to take over the Labour Party, the headline screamed.

Fearing that Blair was making a comeback I was intrigued enough to buy the paper.

Delighted and relieved to discover that the madman in question wasn’t Blair I read on to find out who this madman might be.

The madman in question is none other than Jeremy Corbyn.

Apparently, the policies that qualified him for ‘the men in white coats’ include building much more affordable social housing, the end of tuition fees and taking the railways and gas, electricity and water back into public ownership. This would be paid for by mansion taxes and closing the loopholes that allow large conglomerate businesses to escape paying corporate taxes.

Do these policies sound like the ranting of a lunatic to you?

The person ‘the men in white coats’ should be detaining under the Mental Health Act is ex-Labour leader Tony Blair.

His military attack on Iraq along with Bush showed how totally unhinged he is.

Get well soon, Tony!

Mick Dwyer

St Francis Place, Havant