Letter of the Day: Cuts and more cuts - so why are we giving money to China?

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang shakes hands with George Osborne
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang shakes hands with George Osborne
An inspector raised concerns about Hilsea Lodge care home in Gatcombe Drive in Portsmouth

Council-run Portsmouth care home put into special measures

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It is no wonder that councils are closing care homes through lack of money.

Cuts, cuts, and more cuts. Why? It’s simple really.

Rather a lot of taxpayers’ cash goes on overseas aid and funding for refugees/migrants.

Good old George Osborne has just donated £3m of taxpayers’ money to China to fund football coaching in that country.

Very good George. Just what the doctor ordered.

The government has also spent a whopping £1.1bn on the migrant crisis already.

Now that trustworthy and wonderful organisation, the EU, is telling us and other EU members that we need to pay a further £150m to help fund EU efforts to tackle the migrant crisis on the continent.

You probably don’t realise Mr Juncker but the UK is not located on the European continent.

Also, why are we handing out houses to these refugees/migrants when so many of our own citizens cannot afford to purchase housing?

It’s time we put a stop to all these hand-outs and concentrated looking after our own.

John Goater

Catherington Way, Leigh Park