Letter of the Day: I think ‘£70 a vote’ is truly astounding

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I found your article detailing what each candidate spent on the general election campaign most revealing (Tories spend big to win seats at general election, Aug 3).

My pick of the bunch isn’t the many thousands of pounds spent by the Lib Dems and Conservatives in Portsmouth South, which amounted to spending just a few pounds per vote, but spending by Don Jerrard and the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party.

I was astounded to see Mr Jerrard spent a total of £6,796.80 and his return on this was just 99 votes.

Or, in other terms, about £70 per vote. Incredible!

I can only think that, with hindsight, Mr Jerrard will look back on the general election episode with regret. Having been selected as Ukip’s candidate in Fareham, he rather threw it all away.

I understand that he was concerned with the criminal past of Ukip’s Paul Lovegrove but, with respect, he had been selected as the candidate for Fareham, not Portsmouth. It was not his concern.

I understand the Ukip fiasco that followed, including the removal of Paul Lovegrove as Hampshire organiser/co-ordinator, was mostly down to him.

He set Ukip back years in Fareham and the surrounding area. Trust has been obliterated. People don’t have short memories and they will remember the series of misdemeanours by Ukip when it comes to voting next year.

I don’t think anyone at Ukip in Hampshire will thank him for it.

Phil Richards

Longfield Avenue, Fareham