Letter of the Day: It’s not about race, it’s about numbers

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In five years’ time, with high immigrant birth rates and our generous benefit system, another huge number of children will need schools and all will want use of our NHS, our police resources and, yes, our benefits.

While a right-wing society has to be kept under scrutiny for worst aspects of racism, we must mimic New Zealand and Australia and only take who we need, be they plasterers, policemen or postmen.

Please don’t anyone play ‘the race card’. It’s not about race, it’s about numbers.

No ifs, no buts, the UK is simply too small to absorb half-a-million immigrants every two years.

But EU rules are categoric – free movement of labour is ‘non-negotiable’, meaning the only way (currently) is ‘out’.

Jon Cole

Blount Road, Old Portsmouth