Letter of the Day: It’s time to stop flogging off our services

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Your correspondent John Bowles is quite right to point out the deficiencies in our recycling, but fails to suggest any remedies (Shipping recycling to China is not so green, July 25).

Portsmouth has been languishing at the bottom of the recycling league tables for many years (we are currently 344th out of 352 local authorities) but there is very little we can do about it while our waste disposal and recycling are out-sourced to Veolia.

Other authorities that have kept these facilities in-house are recycling two thirds of their waste, while we can barely manage a fifth.

The city council has been relentlessly flogging our services off to private companies for years, regardless of which party is in control at the time, and we never get value for money or any social responsibility.

Surely it is now time to say ‘Stop!’ and take these services back under democratic control, and incidentally employ a few people at the same time?

Ian McCulloch

Portsmouth Green Party