Letter of the Day: Our immigration laws are ridiculous

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Just how ridiculous are our immigration laws?

On the one hand you have the good old EU ordering us to take in all sorts of citizens from member countries, including criminals and people only interested in obtaining a council house, free NHS, free schooling for the thousands of offspring, and free attendance at GPs surgeries.

It doesn’t matter one iota that these people have not paid a penny piece into the pot.

We must pay them the same as someone who was born and bred in the UK. Then, on the other hand, you have a professional footballer, Sandro, of Queens Park Rangers, earning £50,000, is allegedly being deported because he hasn’t got a work permit, although QPR deny the story.

Has this person been a drain on our services? I don’t think so.

The in/out vote for membership of the EU cannot come soon enough.

John Goater

Catherington Way, Leigh Park