Letter of the Day: Stop pussyfooting about and turn the boats back

Migrants at Calais
Migrants at Calais
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Our prime minister is proving himself to be weak, pathetic and spineless in his woeful attempts to solve the illegal migrant crisis at Calais.

Building a larger fence is his only solution.

Just what on earth are these people in government thinking?

All that will lead to is more people sleeping rough in Calais and when winter comes we will have a proper humanitarian crisis on our hands.

No, the prime minister needs to use what we have left of the Royal Navy and turn the boats back in the Mediterranean.

If that is not done it will only encourage more people-smugglers and a greater number of individuals attempting to dangerously cross into Europe illegally.

To date I haven’t heard a single word from any of our local MPs on this issue, so I would now like to call them out.

What better ideas do you have?

Cllr Christopher Wood - Ukip

Hampshire County Councillor

Fareham Borough Councillor