Letter of the Day: The SNATS, SNOTS - or just The Krankies?

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon
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Now that our parliament at Westminster has been invaded by hordes of MPs from north of the border, what do we call them?

The SNP doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

While we use Tories for the Conservatives, Labour for the Labourites and LibDems for the Liberal Democrats there doesn’t seem to be a suitable and appropriate moniker for the Scottish National Party.

May I suggest SNATS for short, or SNAPS (after some of their snappy personalities) or even SNOTS (cross between Scots and Scottish Nationalists) or if named after their leaders – Salmonites - or even better, Krankies for short, if named after their diminutive leader in Scotland, who (thank goodness) isn’t allowed to speak in our Parliament.

No doubt readers of The News will have plenty of other suitable, inspiring names for them…

Bob Blackman

Beaumont Close, Fareham