Letter of the Day: Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

Alex Dyke
Alex Dyke
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Regarding the BBC Radio Solent DJ Alex Dyke’s apparent comments on breast feeding.

If he loses his job over his comments then surely it means as a society we are not allowing freedom of speech and are on a dangerous slope.

This society is crazy. No-one can express any opinion apart for the so-called ‘norm’ without being isolated, losing ‘face’ and their jobs.

The ‘gay’ issue is one of those we have to be so careful what we say and no-one is allowed to have opinions other than the politically-correct one.

Why are these people so protective of what they believe that anyone who says anything to the contrary has to be silenced?

Have we no humour either?

What about tongue-in-cheek comments?

Aren’t they allowed any more either?

I often watch TV programmes made in the 1980s and 1990s and things the actors say my husband and I remark ‘that wouldn’t be allowed any more.’

Not everyone wants to breastfeed or can breastfeed.

I have heard young women express disdain at the idea, and surely that is their choice?

The milk formulas that are used these days are safe, so what is the problem?

I really hope Alex keeps his job as if he doesn’t it will open a can of worms!

V Petrie

Malvern Avenue, Fareham