Letter of the Day: Will refugees ever be repatriated?

Migrants arrive at the train station in Vienna, Austria
Migrants arrive at the train station in Vienna, Austria
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Why does it take tens of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds, an assortment of spin doctors plus a party of MPs to investigate, before Prime Minister David Cameron reaches the same conclusion that any man or woman could have told him, without all that expense, that the ISIL and the Jihadi are probably using the migrant surge to infiltrate the Western world?

Many more of these migrants are bogus and even Syrian refugees have pointed out Africans who are posing as Syrian, while other men were allegedly reported to officials for wearing the Burka to disguise their appearance.

Others, many of them fit, young men who are supposedly fleeing war-torn Syria, are in fact fleeing Syria because it still has conscription, so these young men are all effectively draft-dodgers.

Therefore, they have no allegiance to their own country, so how can we expect them to have any for the country that adopts them?

With so many migrants fleeing the war-torn ravages of the Middle East, Mr Cameron has suggested that Britain takes in 20,000 from a refugee camp, over a period of five years.

But the war could be over by then, so will the refugees be repatriated?

I doubt it. Would anyone want to return to a country that needs to be rebuilt, when they already have a home, with food on the table, free schooling, health and dental treatment plus money in their pockets, that they have no need to work for?

But what really does take some swallowing is that it has been alleged that all those migrants who are disabled will receive the full disabled benefits, while British disabled are losing theirs.

C Goodall

Lime Grove, Paulsgrove