Lib Dem has ‘not kept his word’ over probe

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LIB Dem leader Nick Clegg has come under fire for not acting on a ‘dossier’ of complaints about the behaviour of his party members.

Eleanor Scott, independent councillor for Portsmouth’s Fratton ward, has written to Mr Clegg asking why he has not followed up on her concerns 11 months after reporting them.

Cllr Scott resigned from the Lib Dems in January 2014 following her concerns over the behaviour of Mike Hancock – who was a Lib Dem at the time – and the Portsmouth Lib Dem group’s handling of the scandal into his conduct.

Cllr Scott wrote: ‘In 11 months, apparently nothing in my dossier has been investigated by the Liberal Democrat party. You did not keep your word, Nick Clegg.

‘This ridiculously incompetent and dishonest prevarication is presumably to attempt to keep these matters quiet until after the General Election.

‘Well I have waited long enough.

‘I want my dossier returned, and electronic copies now destroyed at your end, and you and your party will please not breach my confidence.’

Cllr Scott has chosen not to defend her seat at the local elections tomorrow and wants to spend time writing.