Lib Dems ridiculed for ‘Porsmouth’ gaffe

The spelling error on the leaflet
The spelling error on the leaflet
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Lib Dems have come under fire for misspelling Portsmouth on a leaflet promoting the party ahead of the local and European elections.

The party’s city office distributed material warning of the jobs that would be lost if Britain pulled out of the EU, and urged voters to show support.

But it’s been spotted that there is a blunder on the front of the leaflet with the city being spelt ‘Porsmouth’.

Councillor Donna Jones, leader of the city’s Conservative group, said: ‘This throws into question the credibility of all of the candidates standing on behalf of the Lib Dem party in the forthcoming local elections.

‘This is a basic task.’

People have ridiculed the error on Twitter.

@PortsmouthDavid said: ‘They can’t even SPELL #Portsmouth, how do they expect people to vote for them? Useless.’

Simon Dodd, chairman of the Portsmouth Lib Dem party, said the spelling error was a ‘genuine mistake’ – and claims he has spotted Conservative flyers in recent times with mistakes.

The party say one has appeared with a telephone number for Tamworth Borough Council instead of Portsmouth City Council and housing was spelt ‘houasing’ on two occasions.

‘It’s a genuine mistake on that one, that’s all it was,’ said Mr Dodd.

‘It happens all the time, all parties do it. I have seen a couple of Tory ones in the past few weeks with mistakes on them.

‘We obviously produce a lot of literature.’

Cllr Jones said the errors made by the Conservatives couldn’t be compared.

Meanwhile, Mr Dodd said the leaflets would not be reprinted and different ones would be appearing soon.

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem leader of Portsmouth City Council, said he was not responsible for the production of the leaflet.

That’s because he is in charge of the Lib Dem group, which is separate to the party.

But Cllr Vernon-Jackson said proofreading the material in future would stop a 
similar situation happening again.

‘It’s an error that someone has made,’ he said.

‘On the whole, people are human.’