Lines redrawn with changes to boundaries

HORNDEAN residents could soon be voting differently due to boundary changes next year.

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 8:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd April 2018, 8:15 pm
A map of proposed boundary changes in East Hampshire Council

The Local Government Boundary Commission has revealed its final recommendations for East Hampshire, with 19 out of the 22 council wards affected including all of the Horndean wards.

Kings ward and Hazelton and Blendworth ward will be combined into one two-member ward if the recommendations go ahead.

The changes, which are planned for 2019, will also alter the boundaries of Horndean’s other wards: Downs, Catherington and Lovedean, and Murray.

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Councillor David Evans, who represents Kings, said: ‘I would have preferred to keep Kings as a single member ward but I understand why this was needed. Hopefully it will remain unchanged for several years.

‘The Horndean councillors were all in favour of remaining as single member wards because it is better for the residents know for sure who their councillor is.

‘If you have a two-member ward people will be asking which member should they speak to. There is also the problem that the two members might not agree about something.’ 

However, Cllr Evans said he understood why the changes were needed. ‘Because of the numbers in Horndean some of the wards were too small and needed to be adjusted to make it fair.

‘Also, the development in the east of Horndean will add more than 700 homes to the area. That means that the Hazleton and Blendworth ward would have been much too large,’ he said.

Hazelton and Blendworth’s neighbour, Rowlands Castle, was left untouched. Rowlands Castle councillor, Malcolm Johnson, said: ‘Originally Rowlands Castle would have been combined with Horndean which wasn’t viewed as a sensible idea because we are separate areas with our own individual identity. Rowlands Castle is very much a rural community and Horndean is much more of an urban community.

‘I am really pleased with the recommendation. I think the other councillors are also relieved.’