Local Elections 2019: Full list of results from Portsmouth and Havant

THE results from this year’s local elections have been flooding in overnight.

By Matthew Mohan-Hickson
Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 10:37 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 10:38 am
The Portsmouth local election count held inside the Guildhall, Portsmouth. Picture Ian Hargreaves  (180470-1)
The Portsmouth local election count held inside the Guildhall, Portsmouth. Picture Ian Hargreaves (180470-1)

Residents in Portsmouth and Havant had a chance to vote for the councillors they wanted to represent them. 

Here are the full results from the local elections 2019 in our area. 

Portsmouth City Council 

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The Portsmouth local election count held inside the Guildhall, Portsmouth. Picture Ian Hargreaves (180470-1)


Lib Dems held the seat – with Lynne Stagg getting a majority of 873 and turnout of 33.2%.

Central Southsea

Lib Dems held the seat – with Suzy Horton getting a majority of 525 and turnout of 35%.

Charles Dickens

Labour held the seat – with Cal Corkery getting a majority of 404 and turnout of 22%.

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Here’s how you voted in the Portsmouth City Council area


Conservatives held the seat – Robert New getting a majority of 406 and turnout of 30%.


There were two seats up for grabs  due to by-election. 

Conservatives held one and gained one – Lee Mason and Matthew Atkins are the councillors for these seats. Turn out of 31%. 

Drayton and Farlington

Conservatives held the seat – Terry Norton getting a majority of 1,203 and turn out of 34.4%.

Eastney and Craneswater

Conservatives gained the seat – Linda Symes getting a majority of 403 and turn out of 42%.


Lib Dem’s held the seat – with Dave Ashmore getting a majority of 297 and turn out of 29%.


Conservatives held the seat – Scott Payter-Harris getting a majority of 431 and turn out of 27.9%.


Lib Dem’s held the seat – with Gerald Vernon-Jackson getting a majority of 575 and turn out of 38%.


Lib Dems gained the seat – Lee Hunt getting a majority of 653 and a turn out of 25.2%. 


Conservatives held the seat –Gemma New getting a majority of 297 and a turnout of 25.9%.

St Jude

Labour gained the seat – Graham Heaney getting a majority of 210 and turnout of 36%. 

St Thomas

Lib Dems gained the seat – with Chris Attwell  getting a majority of 518 and turnout of 34%.

Havant Borough Council 


Conservatives held the seat – Mark Inkster getting a majority of 101 and turn out of 29.39%.


Conservatives held the seat – Narinder Bains getting a majority of 518 and turn out of 27.41%.


Conservatives held the seat – Julie Thain-Smith getting a majority of 554 and turn out of 40.08%.

Hart Plain

Conservatives held the seat – David Jenner getting a majority of 320 and turn out of 27.86%.

Hayling East

Conservatives held the seat – Michael Wilson getting a majority of 592 and turn out of 35%.

Hayling West

Conservatives held the seat – Clare Satchwell getting a majority of 540 and turn out of 40.9%.

Purbrook (two seats because of by-election)

Conservatives got both of the seats – Gary Hughes and Husky Patel are the councillors for these wards. There was a turn out of 28.56%. 

St Faith’s

Conservatives held the seat – Tim Pike getting a majority of 627 and turn out of 34.36%.


Conservatives held the seat –  Diana Patrick getting a majority of 332 and turn out of 21.93%.


Conservatives held the seat –  Gwen Robinson getting a majority of 710 and turn out of 29.87%.