LOCAL ELECTIONS: Meet your candidates for Havant

Residents across the borough of Havant will be taking to the polling stations on Thursday to elect a third of their councillors.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 12:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 1:57 pm
A ballot box at Havant Leisure Centre at last year's elections. Picture: Malcolm Wells (141507-0165) PPP-180425-103647001

We spoke to candidates from every party to find out who they are, and why they are standing to represent wards on Havant Borough Council.


Pam Crellin (Con): ‘I have lived in Barncroft for most of my life and I have previously been a Havant Borough councillor. Barncroft is my home and my children grew up here. I have previously been the chair of governors at a local school and was Hampshire’s road safety panel chairman for four years. My interests include the environment and road safety.’

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Philip Pearson (Lab): ‘I have lived in Bedhampton for 25 years and before then lived in Portchester so I have an understanding of local issues. I am part of the Unite Union and have worked in the Portsmouth naval base for 17 years. My priorities are sustainable jobs and adequate housing for everyone - not just to buy.’

Alun Williams (Lib Dem): ‘Education, healthcare and policing have all been damaged by a government which I believe simply does not care about the people it is supposed to serve. If elected I would work to put Liberal Democrat values into practice and protect those essential services which benefit us all as a community.’


Dave Collins (Con): ‘I moved down to Havant with my family in 1985 after working for Liverpool Council for 24 years. I took a post with Portsmouth Council which among my responsibilities was the housing. I once again feel that I have something to offer and with my knowledge of local government, especially in Havant, I know I can make a difference.’

Phil Munday (Lab): ‘I have lived in Havant for 42 years and been a local teacher and headteacher. I wish to serve as a councillor to protect our local services from unnecessary and harmful cuts, build low cost housing at prices affordable to rent or buy for everyone - for the many not the few!’

Jo Lowe (Lib Dem): ‘I’m in my thirties, married, and have two children. I am a big supporter of Portsmouth FC and sell programmes on their home games. I work as a dinner lady for Riders Infant School. I want to be a Lib Dem councillor to be able to make a difference for local residents.’


Gary Robinson (Con): ‘I have lived in Bedhampton for six years and the Havant borough for over 20. With three children, I understand the importance of supporting local families. The council needs people that have a strong business background to ensure that the budgets are managed well; we all feel the financial pain otherwise.’

Sheree Earnshaw (Lab): ‘As a community and residential care worker l am passionately concerned about the health and social care crisis. If elected l would campaign for Hampshire County Council to adopt the ethical and residential care charters, that would improve employment rights for workers and and care for the infirm.’

Philippa Gray (Lib Dem): Philippa has lived in Bedhampton for the last 26 years. She is committed to fighting all year round to make a difference in our community. Being a Liberal Democrat she values fairness and justice. If elected she will fight for the people of Bedhampton, helping with problems and caring for our local area.


Alex Rennie (Con): ‘To be selected to stand is an honour, and I’m really looking forward to meeting as many residents as possible over the next couple of months. If elected, I aim to be open and accessible, and if anyone living in my ward has any issue or question then please get in touch and I’d be delighted to help.’

Munazza Faiz (Lab): ‘I am a happily married mother-of-two who has lived locally for 22 years, contributing to our community through volunteering and supporting NHS staff.

‘I am committed to improving housing, restoring the NHS, supporting school funding and most importantly making sure that your voices are heard at the county council.’

Michael Bolt (Lib Dem): ‘I’m ambitious for Bondfields and Havant.’


Tony Briggs (Con): Tony Briggs was born in Waterloo and has represented Cowplain since 2002. He was also leader of the council from 2008 until 2014. Over the years Tony has supported residents of the Cowplain ward, as well as residents of the borough in ensuring council tax has been kept at a reasonable level and that services have been maintained.

Cowplain: Jay Kelly (Lab)

Lisa Jackson (Lib Dem): ‘I have lived in the ward for four years, but in Hampshire all my life. I work as a freelance proof-reader. If elected I aim to support and enable a vibrant community in Cowplain, informed by the spirit of justice, equality and liberalism.’

Bruce Holman (Green): ‘I have lived in Cowplain for 28 years and so am familiar with the area and its needs. Of great concern to me are environmental and social issues, so I will strive to improve Havant’s record on pollution, particularly plastics, and fight for our health, education and social services.’


Richard Kennett (Con): ‘In 2017 I was elected to serve Emsworth in by-election following the sad passing of Colin Mackey. My family has been based in Emsworth since the nineteenth century. As a father I understand that we need to offer facilities that are accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds in our community.’

Steve Bilbe (Lab): ‘I have lived in Emsworth for five years with my wife and children. I am a deputy head teacher at a local Primary School and an active member of the Emsworth Residents Association committee. I believe that electing representatives of the Labour party at all levels of government has always proved to be the best way of achieving this.’

Chris Maple (Lib Dem): Chris is the third generation of this family born and brought up in the borough. He is married with a young family and is a qualified judo instructor. Chris is a self-employed taxi driver and in his spare time he enjoys working with young people. Chris is, like many people locally, concerned about the level of unemployment and is particularly worried about their future employment prospects.

Hart Plain

Prad Bains (Con): ‘It is my aim to ensure that I deliver on all my priorities for the benefit of all residents. I have a wide circle of friends and family within Hart Plain and understand first hand the issues in the local area. I am not afraid to voice my opinion and look forward to the challenges ahead.’

Hart Plain: Howard Sherlock (Lab)

Hilary Bolt (Lib Dem): ‘I’m ambitious for Hart Plain and Havant.’

John Colman (Green): ‘I’m hoping to represent Hart Plain, an area that my family has been part of for many years. As a long-time member of the community, I’d like to make sure that the needs of the community are not overlooked, as many feel they have been in the past.’

Hayling East

Rosy Raines (Con): Rosy has lived on Hayling Island for 50 years. She has been a practice nurse for 34 years at Hayling Health Centre and in her spare time is one of the Hayling First Responders. Rosy feels that her contacts with residents through the organisations she is associated with will enable her to represent their views to the borough council.

Peter Oliver (Lab): ‘This election is a referendum on the local plan. It benefits out of area special interests and inflicts indefinite damage on residents, the environment and infrastructure. It betrays the council’s 2016 commitment to identify infrastructure needs, and secure its funding from government. Vote Labour! Hold them accountable.’

Suzette Gray (Lib Dem): ‘I am passionate about Hayling Island, having lived and worked here for 38 years. I would fight for local services such as the tip, ferry, schools and against more retirement properties without adequate doctors and support services. If you want the island’s voice heard at council meeting, put your cross by my box.

Natasha Parker (Green): Natasha has lived on Hayling most of her life, and is just finishing her primary teacher training. She is passionate about the Island community, ethical and sustainable living, and protecting the environment. As a volunteer for the marine conservation charity, SAS, she is actively involved in protecting Hayling’s beaches from plastic pollution.

John Perry (Ukip): ‘As your existing Ukip councillor, I have served residents to the best of my ability and oppose the Conservative plans of more than 2,000 new houses on our island. I have identified £100,000s of lost revenue and unnecessary expense. Please re-elect me so I can continue to oppose the current and future Tory spending cuts to the schools and police.’

Hayling West (two seats up for grabs)

Issy Scott (Con): ‘I live on Hayling Island with my husband and we have two grown-up daughters. I was the first female firefighter on Hayling and I had a thriving gardening business on the island. ‘Through my interactions with the residents over the 27 years I have lived here I have an understanding of what matters to them.’

Michael Wilson (Con): ‘I grew up on Hayling and live in the ward with my wife and two daughters. It has been a privilege to represent Hayling West for the last eight years. I care passionately for Hayling Island and its residents and endeavour to listen to views expressed or concerns raised and resolve issues’

Ian Heaphy (Lab): Mr Ian Heaphy has been working within education for almost 20 years. Whilst teaching some of Hampshire’s most vulnerable children Ian has noted how the ideological lack of social funding has affected opportunities for these already disadvantaged children. He will challenge and push to reverse such cuts to council budgets.

Jack Mealy (Lab): ‘I have lived in the borough since 1966 and lived in Hayling for 35 years, I am a retired printer. I would like to see the reinstatement of the Hayling Billy railway, this would bring tourists, the enthusiasts and much needed revenue, and would help take the pressure off our roads.’

Wilf Forrow (Lib Dem): ‘I’ve been an islander for 42 years. I am a parent of three boys, a Scout leader, a retired IT technical manager and cycle campaigner. I’m ambitious for Hayling to have better cycle paths, the community services it has long deserved, a Local Plan that preserves our rural charm, and the infrastructure to back it up.

Paul Gray (Lib Dem): ‘For too long our island has seen cut after cut under the tories. I am sick of seeing this gradual, ceaseless destruction of our community. The Liberal Democrats are the only local party who can and will reverse the trend, replacing negative cuts with positive change. We are the only party truly ambitious for Hayling.’

Tricia Farnham (Ukip): ‘I have enjoyed living on Hayling Island since 1982. I taught biology at Highbury College and am now retired. I belong to Hayling U3A and Portsmouth Cyclists’ Touring Club. I support Brexit because we in England should be able to make our own decisions and laws about our finances and environment.’


Adam Christie (Con): ‘If elected, I will endeavour to approach the role using both common sense and a balanced view. As having been a resident in Purbrook for just over 17 years, whatever local concerns you may have are also likely to be impacting me and my family.’

Simon Hagan (Lab): ‘I have lived and worked in Havant for 12 years. I am a teacher in a local secondary school and live with my partner and daughter in Widley. I care deeply about the local area and believe that more affordable housing and environmental sustainability should be priorities for the council.’

Antonia Harrison (Lib Dem): ‘I moved to the area in 2012. I currently work as a mental health therapist helping people overcome unwanted behaviours, addictions, phobias and personality issues. As the Liberal Democrats candidate in Purbrook ward, my local intention is to support local community shops and cut unnecessary car journeys.’

Purbrook: Rosie Blackburn (Green)

St Faith’s

Jackie Branson (Con): Jackie lives in the ward with her son. She has proudly represented residents in St Faith’s Ward for 12 years and seeks your support in May 2018 to continue as your hard-working local councillor. Last year she was delighted to be elected as the county councillor for North East Havant.

Simon Cattermole (Lab): ‘I am a husband, father, grandfather, teacher, musician and feel that the issues which affect us do not distinguish whether we’re young or old, employed or not, looking after children or the elderly. Years of political austerity by the Conservative government continue to affect you and your way of life, so I’m standing for change. ‘

Jane Briggs (Lib Dem): Jane was a Havant Borough councillor until after the birth of her son. She is a university lecturer and is an active member of a local church. Her priorities will be promoting the area as an excellent place to live and work, caring for the environment and keeping residents informed.

St Faiths: Richard Lancaster (Green)


Sarah Milne (Con): ‘I have lived in the same house in Stakes ward for almost my entire life. I live with my daughter, mum and four cats. I want to ensure that all of us here in the Stakes receive value for money for the services provided by the council. I want to be able to support those who need it.’

Lorraine Brown (Lab): ‘I live locally and have links to local schools and work in social care in the area. I can offer real change that will improve lives. My priorities are stopping cuts to education, protecting essential local services- buses, shops, NHS services, protecting police services, improving services for children.’

Ann Bazley (Lib Dem): Ann has lived in Stakes for over 40 years, and has fostered a number of children, as well as bringing up her own family. She said; ‘For years, Stakes has been represented by councillors who don’t seem to be in touch with ordinary folk.’

Warren Park

Curtis Stanfield (Con): ‘I am a local lad, born and bred. I currently work as a chef at a local pub. I believe it is important that we are represented by real people who know what it is like to raise children on a limited budget. I have experienced the general struggles of modern life and I know how important it is to have somebody that you can relate to and who understands.’

Beryl Francis (Lab): ‘I am proud of Warren Park and was their councillor for seven years. Four years ago, I became worried about the lack of priority the council gave to Leigh Park and its people and resolved to return to speak up for us. If re-elected, I will continue to do so.’

Ann Brown (Lib Dem): Ann Brown is married with three grown up children and three grandchildren. She worked for nearly twenty years in home care. Ann’s main reasons for standing for election are to fight for all the children’s services to remain at the Park Families Children’s Centre and to preserve the green open spaces around homes in both Warren Park and Leigh Park.

Graham Stouse (Ukip): ‘Having lived and raised my family in Leigh Park, I see the issues created by Tory neglect of our roads, verges and shops in Park Parade and the Greywell Precinct. I want a fairer share of funding for Warren Park and Leigh Park. If elected I will do my best to help you all.’


Michael Sceal (Con): Mike has lived in the area all his life, so he understands the wishes and needs of the residents of the area He is an engineer by profession but has the time and commitment to serve on the council as he has for the past four years, working with the two other borough councillors and the county councillor for the area.

John Pratley (Lib Dem): ‘I am retired and have lived on the Berg Estate in Waterlooville for the past twelve years. I am a committed and experienced generalist adviser with Citizens Advice and also chair the Havant and Waterlooville independent advisory group to the police. My ambition is to ensure all local residents feel involved, wanted and listened to by Havant Council’.

There are 52 candidates in total, 48 have provided statements, Those who haven’t provided statements or photos: Cowplain: Jay Kelly (Lab), Hart Plain: Howard Sherlock (Lab), Purbrook: Rosie Blackburn (Green), St Faith’s: Richard Lancaster (Green)