Mass picture project planned to highlight traffic gridlock concerns

Campsigners will take pictures of traffic
Campsigners will take pictures of traffic
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CAMPAIGNERS against new town Welborne are hoping to take pictures of gridlock to show that existing roads can’t cope with any more cars.

The group wants to create a portfolio of photographic evidence to show to an independent inspector who will look into the plans for the 6,000-home town.

Shaun Cunningham, of Shearwater Avenue, Fareham, said: ‘People are angry and they want to do a little bit for the cause. The enthusiasm has been good.’

Mr Cunningham said ‘Operation Snap’ will take place on Monday and scores of people will take photographs of roads at 6pm. They will cover from Whiteley to Portchester.

The group hopes the pictures will show that the area’s roads are already under pressure.

The plans for the new town will be under scrutiny from independent inspector David Hogger in a series of sessions next month, who will be assessing the ‘soundness’ of the principles behind it.

Many community groups will address Mr Hogger with their concerns. He will look at many issues such as schools, community services, employment and affordable housing.

Fareham West ward councillor Nick Gregory said he would be taking part in Operation Snap.

He said: ‘If you are going to have children from Welborne travelling into schools in Fareham, then we’ll have all that extra traffic coming through the town. My main concern is for the safety of the children and residents.

‘We’ve already got enough congestion without the additional traffic that Welborne will bring.’

Jason Mudge, of Roebuck Avenue, will be taking part.

He said: ‘It is a groundswell of the people. We are so frustrated and we can see a disaster coming, particularly with transport.’

Once completed David Walton, from Wallington Village Community Association, will present the dossier to the inspector.

Only groups that have made formal submissions will be invited to speak at the inquiry, however the sessions will be open to the public to observe proceedings, which start on October 15 and will last two weeks.

For more information on Operation Snap go to Facebook and search Fareham Development, The Big Debate. Or call Mr Cunningham on 01329 230626.