Mayor of Fareham is blindfolded to mark world sight day

BLINDFOLD Cllr Trevor Cartwright is helped by library assistant Lynda Dugan
BLINDFOLD Cllr Trevor Cartwright is helped by library assistant Lynda Dugan
Councillor Luke Stubbs

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OUR sight is something that most people take for granted.

So imagine being blindfolded and trying to live your life in darkness for a day.

That’s exactly what the mayor of Fareham did yesterday to mark World Sight Day.

Councillor Trevor Cartwright was led around Stubbington blindfolded to try to understand what life is like without sight.

He went into shops, visited the library, and went into a cafe for lunch, all completely blindfolded.

Cllr Cartwright said: ‘It’s quite amazing to do this. You take for granted that you can see and everything is fine. I went into a shop and I was trying to sort out the money.

‘You go into the greengrocers and you’re having to feel everything. It certainly brings it home.

‘It’s important that we understand what blind people need.

‘You suddenly realise it’s not quite that easy.

‘It needs some more publicity for people to realise what it’s about.’

Cllr Cartwright was given a stick to use to help him find his way and to avoid bumping into things.

He realised that his senses were heightened as he had lost his vision.

‘Hearing seems to be much better because I can work out where the noises are coming from,’ he added.

‘People say if they are deaf or blind their senses are much better.’

Overall, Cllr Cartwright said it was a worthwhile experience.

‘It’s amazing and quite thought provoking,’ he added.

‘When it comes to every day things, you would have to re-think all of that.

‘Just getting round without bumping into things has got to be difficult. You would have to have a completely different regime.’

Vicky Stabler, vice president of the Crofton Lions Club, which organised the event, said: ‘It’s been a bit weird for him because he’s had to rely on everybody else.

‘We just want to create awareness and to demonstrate the problems that visually impaired and blind people face.

‘Hopefully people will become more aware of it and get regular eye tests.’