Mike Hancock: Lib Dem leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson says he won’t step down

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LIB DEM group leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson says he won’t bow to pressure to step down.

Cllr Vernon-Jackson has come under fire for the way he has defended Mike Hancock during the last four years and critics say his position is now untenable.

But Cllr Vernon-Jackson said he has admitted he should have backed the victim instead, and won’t listen to the words of political opponents.

‘There aren’t any Lib Dem councillors calling for my resignation,’ he said.

‘If my colleagues wanted me to, then I would. So the people who have said it are my political opponents, and they do not wish to do anything that is supportive of us.

‘I accepted Mike’s word and I was totally wrong. I fired Mike from the cabinet and he fought tooth and nail against it, but I said no.’

But Cllr Vernon-Jackson – who has aspirations of becoming the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Portsmouth South ahead of next year’s general election – says Mr Hancock should continue as an MP if he feels he can continue serving his constituents, and time will tell if that’s the case.