Mike Hancock plans European adventure after he and his wife lose in Portsmouth council elections

Mike Hancock  at the council election count in Portsmouth Guildhall
Mike Hancock at the council election count in Portsmouth Guildhall
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THE political career that saw him through 29 elections and serve for 45 years has come to a crashing end.

Former Liberal Democrat MP and councillor Mike Hancock did not get enough votes to stay on at Portsmouth City Council.

He went up in the Fratton ward as an independent candidate, but only got 285 votes.

The Liberal Democrats held on to that seat with Cllr David Ashmore getting 1,497 votes.

After only getting 716 votes in the general election on Thursday night, it means Mike Hancock is no longer an MP or councillor in the city.

Mr Hancock stood in the Fratton ward last year when his Lib Dem seat was up, but also lost then.

He said: ‘Last year I was in hospital and wasn’t able to defend myself.

‘I wasn’t able to leaflet and door knock so I wanted to give it one more go.

‘I’ve been in about 29 elections and been a politician for 45 years.

‘Collectively I’ve given almost 90 years to politics – 44 years on the city council, 24 years at Hampshire County Council and 21 years in parliament.

‘You can’t just give something like that up, so I gave it one more go.’

His wife Jacqui Hancock also failed to win a seat in her ward of Charles Dickens.

Mr Hancock added: ‘I’m gutted for Jacqui as she only lost by a small margin, which is frustrating.

‘But now we plan to go travelling and drive around Europe.

‘When we get back I want to do some work with the mental health services.

‘They saved my life and I want to give something back.’

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