Military bosses delighted with the Brexit outcome

A BREXIT has been welcomed by some of the top names in the military.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th June 2016, 7:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:46 pm
Vice Admiral Bob Cooling
Vice Admiral Bob Cooling

The President of the HMS Illustrious Association, Vice Admiral Bob Cooling, said: ‘I am delighted.

‘Speaking as a former military person, sovereignty is important and the ability to determine our future is important.

‘Brexit is exactly the right thing to do.’

He said he believed that being part of the European Union had hindered decision making as it took too long for all the countries to agree.

Mr Cooling said: ‘We are far better off making decisions with a small coalition of nations as you can achieve a result in a shorter period of time.’

He said that Nato would continue and that its protection was enough to ensure the country was supported and defended.

Mr Cooling said: ‘The European Union as a military force is a complete duplication of what Nato is already providing.

‘The likes of Putin laugh at the EU as a military force as it does not have the same military power as it does when it comes with the United States.’

Rear Admiral Roger Lane-Nott agreed, saying the Brexit vote will benefit the country in the long run.

He said: ‘I’m very happy that the people of Britain have voted to leave the EU.’

‘We have got our country back.’

Mr Lane-Nott, 71, said: ‘The nation has rejoiced, and the vote means we have regained control of our borders and our laws.’

Mr Lane-Nott spent 32 years in the Royal Navy, and says the EU hasn’t done enough to convince people to stay.

He said: ‘In the past, the major European disasters have been dealt with by Nato with the support of America.

‘Over the years, the EU has done nothing, other organisations have always been left to pick up the pieces that the EU have left behind.’

Mr Lane-Nott said: ‘The most important thing is that the White Ensign will still be flying high aboard the ships of the Royal Navy.’