‘Mirror Chicken’ blocks reporters from seeing David Cameron during Hampshire visit

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REPORTERS were thwarted in their attempts to see prime minister David Cameron off from his Tory conference this morning - thanks to the Mirror Chicken, it is believed.

The media had hoped to catch a glimpse of Mr Cameron leaving Bursledon Community Centre, where he revealed plans to cut taxes for working families, should the Conservatives remain in power after May.

But he never showed, and some suspected the chicken - famous for provoking the prime minister for not committing to taking part in TV election debates – had put him off as he took another exit to get away.

Asked earlier in the conference whether he would now commit to being a part of the debates, Mr Cameron hinted he would as more minor parties would now be involved.

‘I was told that it was appalling and outrageous that I had suggested that you couldn’t have one minor party without having the other minor party,’ Mr Cameron said.

‘I am delighted the broadcasters have gone away and thought again, they have actually come up with rather more minor parties than I had in mind.

‘But I am sure they have thought it all through and they know what they are doing, although I don’t quite see why Northern Ireland seems to be missing out.

‘As far as I am concerned that is as important a part of our United Kingdom as Wales or Scotland.

‘But we are making good progress and I am sure they [the broadcasters] know what they are doing.’

Mr Cameron has also insisted he will keep to his promise and bring shipbuilding back to Portsmouth. Read the full story here.