Mixed views on new supermarket near waterfront

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PLANS to build a new supermarket have been met with mixed views.

Demolition work has already started to make way for homes and a new Aldi supermarket off Mumby Road, in Gosport.

But the proposals, which are part of a major waterfront development, have sparked differing reactions among residents living in the town.

Many people have said it is good that Gosport is getting the regeneration it needs but have questioned whether the town needs another supermarket.

On a Facebook page dedicated to the Gosport area, Tory Smith, who lives off Leesland Road, said: ‘We need touristic areas not food chains.

‘I won’t be shopping there.

‘I walked into the one at Fareham and turned around again because on my doorstep is Lidl.

‘I don’t get why we need to make another food shop over clothing shops, a nice new restaurant or better touristy places to visit.’

Lynette Putron agreed. Commenting on The News’ Facebook page, she said: ‘Another supermarket is not what Gosport needs.

‘It needs industrial business which could employ a lot more than 40 people.

‘How many supermarkets and convenience stores does one town need?’

But other residents think ia new supermarket is the step in the right direction.

Linda Mills said: ‘It would be good to see more shops and stores in Gosport.

‘It would bring in plenty of new business and enthusiasm for people to stop and visit, spend time and money and it create a few more jobs too.

‘It’s way about time Gosport had high street to be proud of.’

Amanda Field also commented on the Gosport area Facebook page.

She said: ‘I welcome Aldi but it’s a shame it has to be on that side of Mumby Road which I feel should be dedicated to marine-type businesses.’

As previously reported in The News, the old Mayfield Buildings are being knocked down.

The supermarket, a commercial unit and a 48-home residential block are to be put in its place.

Speaking of the demolition work at the site, Mark Hook, leader of Gosport Borough Council, said: ‘I’m delighted this is another piece in the jigsaw for Gosport in bringing multinational companies to the town centre.

‘We’ll be seeing Aldi shortly and of course this will be followed by WH Smith next.’