More cameras set to catch drivers parking on zig-zags outside Portsmouth schools

  • Drivers warned as city council aims to crack down on zig-zag parking
  • Success in pilot trial means more cameras en route
  • Each camera costs £13,000 to install
  • Locations of new cameras being kept secret as deterrent
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DRIVERS who park on zig-zag lines outside schools have been warned that the city council is installing more security cameras.

A pilot scheme earlier this year saw 348 drivers snapped by cameras across four sites,

A car parked on zig zags

A car parked on zig zags

Statistics show that once the cameras were installed, the number of drivers breaking the law dropped sharply.

This was exemplified outside Solent Junior School on Solent Road which saw the number of drivers fined drop from 51 to just one from January to April when a camera was temporarily installed.

Councillor Simon Bosher, cabinet member for transport, has given the green light to plans for multiple cameras to be installed across the city.

He said: ‘Clearly, these cameras are having an effect every time they are introduced outside schools.

If an increase in cameras outside schools boosts the safety of children at the school gates then I am totally in support of it

Councillor Simon Bosher, cabinet member for transport

‘If an increase in cameras outside schools boosts the safety of children at the school gates, then I am totally in support of it. We are receiving a big demand from schools to install cameras as they know that they have an effect.’

He added that an increase in cameras could help tackle the problem of teachers having ‘to become referees’ to police parents during the school runs.

The council views parking on zig-zags outside schools as a priority for its traffic enforcement officers, who spend 60 per cent of their duty time each day looking to prevent drivers from breaking the law.

If a driver is caught parking on the lines, they receive a £70 fine – which is reduced to £35 if paid within 21 days.

The News previously revealed that 745 drivers had been caught in the city between January 2016 and this March.

Stride Avenue in Baffins is notorious for drivers parking on yellow zig-zags to take children to Langstone Junior School and Langstone Nursery respectively.

A camera was introduced in April and nobody was fined – however this coincided with the Easter holidays and 37 drivers were fined from May to July.

Ward councillor Darren Sanders said that he received a handful of complaints from residents about drivers ‘clogging’ up the roads by parking on the zig-zags

He said: ‘A few times we have had to get the traffic enforcement officers in to blitz the area. Anything that can help cut congestion would be appreciated, but we need to be sure it’s working.’

The numbers and location of the cameras are not being revealed. Each camera costs £13,000 to install with yearly running costs totalling £5.500.