Motorists angry over too many roadworks

Roadworks at the roundabout in Winston Churchill Avenue
Roadworks at the roundabout in Winston Churchill Avenue

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DRIVERS say they are getting frustrated with the number of roads being dug up in the city.

Currently there are nine streets having work carried out on them, including Mile End Road, Fratton Road and Winston Churchill Avenue.

Drivers have complained that they are waiting in long queues at temporary traffic lights.

Motorist Jamie Knight, 54, of Worthing Road, Southsea, said: ‘It’s really frustrating when you’re stuck behind temporary lights and there’s no traffic on the other side.

‘The ones in Fawcett Road added at least 15 minutes onto my journeys in the morning and evening when work was being carried out.

‘Congestion is something we’re used to in Portsmouth and roadworks are a necessary evil.’

Colas maintains Portsmouth’s roads on behalf of the city council – which includes approving roadworks being carried out.

It says the amount of work currently being carried out is below average.

But it says it may be more noticeable as some roadworks are being carried out on major routes.

Paul Ferroni, performance and asset manager at Colas, said: ‘The actual level of work taking place is quite low. We have quite a number of roadworks taking place on bigger roads, rather than smaller ones, so the perception is there’s more going on.

‘We try to keep congestion from roadworks down by making sure jobs are booked apart as we know it’s frustrating, unless they are emergency jobs.’

Portsmouth private cab firm City Wide Taxis, which has a fleet of 100 cars, regularly gets caught up in traffic tailbacks.

Manager Tony Jefferson said: ‘The roadworks are an inconvenience, and it’s sad to say that we’ve had to get used to it.

‘At any one time there is always some sort of work going on in Portsmouth. But it’s one of the horrors we have just had to get used to.

‘The most annoying part is the traffic lights near the old ABC Theatre, because they haven’t got the timings right on them.’

Driver Alexander Jones, 30, of Fratton, added: ‘I don’t know why people are moaning about it as work needs to be done. I get more annoyed with the congestion in the city because there are too many cars.’