Movement of shingle will reduce flooding risk

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COASTAL areas prone to flooding have been rebuilt and improved.

Gosport Borough Council and the Environment Agency have been working together to improve coastal and river areas in Stokes Bay.

Last week more than 1,500 cubic metres of shingle was moved to clear a build-up around the River Alver.

The material removed has been used to rebuild the beach further along Stokes Bay where a significant amount of shingle has been lost since the summer.

Clearing the excess shingle will help reduce the build-up experienced in stormy weather and will help reduce the risk of flooding on the River Alver.

Leader of the council Mark Hook said: ‘Using the shingle to rebuild the beach at Stokes Bay will also help provide protection to the seawall near the Alverbank East Car Park, which was damaged at the start of the year.

‘We are extremely grateful to the Environment Agency for all its help and we hope this will provide a solution to the flooding problem of the River Alver.’