MP backs English votes plan in commons

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AN MP has backed proposals for devolution in England.

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage defended plans for English MPs to exclusively vote on English matters in the House of Commons.

She was reacting to Labour MP Sadiq Khan who said changes should be led by the people, not Westminster.

Speaking in parliament, Ms Dinenage said: ‘I represent a constituency in the south of England – he might be aware of it – it is a place without very many Labour MPs.

‘He keeps talking about this being a Westminster stitch-up – something coming down from Westminster – and saying that there is no requirement for it and there is nothing that is being driven bottom-up from the people in the constituencies.

‘But I get letters about this every day of every week.

‘English people want English votes.’

Mr Khan had told MPs in parliament: ‘We need a different way of working that involves, and is led by, the people and civil society – not top-down solutions imposed by Westminster.’