‘MP’s absence has hit the city’s residents’

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UKIP’s outspoken leader believes city residents haven’t been represented ‘at all’ as a result of Mike Hancock’s poor health.

Mr Hancock, who as an MP represents constituents in Portsmouth South, has been in hospital since February being treated for poor health.

Nigel Farage said that if Mr Hancock’s health continues to decline and if he can’t do the job then there should be a by-election – opening the door for Ukip to mount a serious challenge to his position.

A civil case is ongoing against Mr Hancock over claims he sexually assaulted a female constituent – a claim he strongly denies. Mr Farage said: ‘I don’t think I can prejudge innocence or guilt. But it looks like the people of Portsmouth South haven’t really been represented at all. He hasn’t been at the House of Commons for a very long time.

‘I have been told that there is a very serious health issue for which I am sorry.

‘But is it right that constituents here are not really being represented?

‘The time may come for a by-election.

‘If he is not well enough to do the job then probably he would be doing the people of Portsmouth a favour in letting them vote for another MP.’