MPs in Portsmouth area react to Scotland No vote

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FOLLOWING Scotland’s No vote in the referendum, local MPs have given their view on what this means for the area.

Scotland’s No vote means hopes that shipbuilding may return to Portsmouth have been dashed.

MPs in the local area have given their view on Scotland's No vote

MPs in the local area have given their view on Scotland's No vote

Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South

Following his resignation from the Liberal Democrats, Mr Hancock said: ‘It’s great news for Scots and for the country as whole - it’s the best decision for the UK.’

Commenting on shipbuilding, the independent MP said ‘It was a long shot at best but the government still owes us something on that.

‘I have written a letter to Matthew Hancock MP [Minister for Portsmouth], to set up a meeting to discuss this issue.’

Penny Mordaunt, MP for Portsmouth North

Ms Mordaunt also welcomed the result of the referendum.

‘It is the right result,’ she said. ‘There are wider issues other than shipbuilding which would be a direct concern to this city.

‘Economically, there has been a boost to the pound following the results. If it had gone the other way it would not have been good.

‘This is the right results for the UK and for Portsmouth.’

Caroline Dineage, MP for Gosport

The Gosport MP went on Twitter to welcome the result and give her views on tackling the balance of power in England.

She said: ‘MPs should only vote on issues that affect their nation [and it] needs to happen soon.’

‘He [prime minister David Cameron] handled it well but he needs to deliver on his promise on making it fairer for England.’

Mark Hoban, MP for Fareham

Mr Hoban said he hopes for a constitutional change that is done properly and thoughtfully without being rushed into.

‘My constituents will be pleased but they want fairness,’ he said. ‘They see Scottish MPs voting on English issues and see that as unfair.

‘I back more powers for Scotland but all parties will need to unite to see the same thing happen for England.’

George Hollingbery, MP for Meon Valley

The Meon Valley welcomed the result and said he was ‘very pleased’ with the potential impact for England if power is devolved to local areas.

He said: “We need more local control but ultimately, we have to make sure there isn’t an overall tax burden to my constituents.’

‘The referendum has demonstrated there isn’t a lack of interest in politics, we just need to decide things for ourselves and it needs to work for the long term.’