Neighbours call for action over building noise at Hampshire Farm site

MESS The flooded Hampshire Farm site
MESS The flooded Hampshire Farm site

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PEOPLE have been plagued by rats, noise, mud and dust as work has started at a 280-home estate.

Residents have complained in their droves about problems at the Hampshire Farm site in Emsworth.

The work started in May and people living nearby were having sleepless nights after having to put up with a noisy water pump 24 hours a day.

Huge clouds of yellow dust blew over nearby properties, forcing people to wash their cars every day.

With all the heavy rain, the site has become a boggy expanse with huge puddles of standing water, leading to fears of flooding.

A blocked culvert at the site was cited for contributing to flooding at nearby properties during a storm on June 11.

But, after weeks of complaints, residents say developers are listening and some of the problems have been alleviated.

Residents met with representatives of Bellway Homes and Bloor Homes to thrash out concerns.

Developers have now turned down the water pump and promised to put in ‘acoustic screens’ to tame the noise.

Jo Dyer, who deals with planning at Emsworth Residents’ Association, said: ‘There were a lot of problems with noise.

‘Because there’s water on site, they were having the pump running 24/7.

‘It was causing a lot of noise, but they have reduced that considerably.

‘They are listening now, they definitely are.

‘I am not necessarily on their side, but they are doing all they can.’

But Rod Storey, of Southleigh Road, said: ‘People are still having problems with rats coming off the site.

‘The mud in the road is incredible. They have a sweeper going up and down but it just spreads it.’

Developer Bellway Homes said work was behind schedule because of poor weather.

Julian Kenyon, corporate affairs manager at Bellway, said: ‘We are sweeping the road on a regular basis.

‘When deliveries are coming in we are ensuring they are keeping it as clean as possible.

‘We are in the process of building a swale and a pond, which should improve the drainage in the area. We really need the rain to stop falling then we can get back on schedule.

‘We are keeping in touch with local people and keeping them up to date.’