Neighbours decide on future of Southbourne

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DELIVERING vital homes without ‘ripping the heart’ out of the village is the vision set out in Southbourne’s neighbourhood plan, set to go to referendum this month.

Local councillor Bob Hayes said: ‘I have got two children who I want to live in Southbourne but the one I know, without ripping the heart out of it.’

Neighbourhood plans allow residents to help shape the future of their communities.

Southbourne’s plan aims to deliver 300 new homes, plus a further 50 on the periphery of the village.

Mr Hayes and a group of around 40 volunteers have spent two years crafting the plan, receiving 2,000 responses to a range of public exhibitions and consultations.

And while a long-term aspiration is to build a new road over the railway line, development on the south side of the line has been earmarked as the priority.

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