New brewery holds event to get views on its proposals

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PLANS to build a brewery have been welcomed by the community.

About 40 people went along to a public consultation last night at Upham Village Hall to see the proposal.

Upham Brewery, near Winchester, announced its intention to develop a new brewery on the outskirts of Bishop’s Waltham last month.

Upham Brewery wants feedback on its plans, which will see a brewery built on Winchester Road.

Residents had the chance to view the architectural drawings of both the proposed buildings and surrounding landscape, to meet with the brewery and consulting planners, and to submit their written feedback.

Rupert Hains, spokesman for Upham Brewery, said: ‘There were about 40 people at the meeting and it was very productive.

‘Plans were on display for how the brewery may look and the landscape around it.

‘If it goes ahead then there will be up to 30 jobs created in the brewery.

‘There is also an educational programme, so GCSE students can see the fermentation process and that will promote the area.

‘And it would be great to have the brewery in the place its named 

Mr Hains also said that the brewery is associated with a pub company, which employs 300 people.

He added that if the brewery were to be built and more ale produced, then the pub company could double its employment to 600 people.

David Butcher, director of Upham Brewery, said: ‘Our brand of ales is very much the product of the area’s natural water source and we are passionate about retaining and leveraging that association in a way that is sensitive to the interests of people living and working in the area.

‘We hope that the proposals will demonstrate our affection and sensitivity towards the area as well as our commitment to being open and transparent throughout the planning process.’

The application for the new brewery site, which is located on the outskirts of Bishop’s Waltham, is currently being registered with the South Downs National Park and will be administered by Winchester City Council.

Another consultation meeting is due to be held in Bishop’s Waltham in three weeks time, a date is yet to be given.