New pontoon for Gosport Ferry almost ready to go

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THE opening of a new pontoon for the Gosport Ferry has been delayed as the borough council waits for a quiet weekend with good weather.

Gosport council is still trying to find a weekend to install the pontoon, which is being brought over from Holland, where it was built.

The £5m pontoon was due to be installed early last month but it has faced delays.

The pontoon will be floated off the barge and into position over four days when the weather is clear and there are no events or bank holidays.

Passengers will have to catch the ferry from Endeavour Quay, in nearby Mumby Road, while it is installed.

Councillor Mark Hook, leader of the council, said: ‘We need a weekend which will cause the least disruption to the public.

‘It’s where there’s a window of opportunity to do it. Everything is done, we just have to ship it over and install it.’

Meanwhile Cllr Hook added that the new pontoon will be a huge improvement for passengers using the Gosport Ferry.

‘I think it will make a tremendous difference not only for the able-bodied but it will make a difference for disabled people and people with pushchairs and prams,’ he said.

‘It will be more accessible to more people and of course the protection that it will offer will be far better.’

The council will meet this week to set a date for the work.