New proposal by Gosport council aims to fix dog fouling

A PROFESSIONAL dog walker says that plans to bring in tougher rules against fouling are unfair and will not ease the problem.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 5:57 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:37 pm
Dog walkers are facing new restrictions in Gosport if a public spaces protection order is introduced
Dog walkers are facing new restrictions in Gosport if a public spaces protection order is introduced

Gosport Borough Council is running a consultation into changing its current dog control orders to a public space protection order.

If the new order is implemented it will mean:

n The person in charge of the dog must carry appropriate means to pick up dog mess.

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n The maximum number of dogs on most open land would reduce from six to four dogs.

n A person in charge of three or more dogs must have at least two on a lead.

n Dogs would be excluded from sports pitches.

The council will have the power to enforce these rules and issue £100 fines which will reduce to £50 if paid within a week.

But Alison Windle, who owns three dogs and has a dog walking business is unhappy at the plan.

She said these proposals would penalise a lot of people when it is only a minority who are irresponsible and cause problems.

‘I don’t think these restrictions are going to stop those irresponsible people who do not pick up after their dog,’ she said.

‘Public spaces should be for everyone and it seems a waste that sport pitches, which are largely used at the weekend will be closed off during the week. I’m worried about how it will affect my business but also when I walk my three dogs. Having at least two dogs on the lead will mean walking them will take longer and it isn’t fair on them.’

The consultation is open until January 16 and a decision will be made by the community board on January 25 at 6pm.

Councillor Graham Burgess, chairman of the board, said: ‘We want to ask residents what they think of the proposals before making a decision.

‘We get a lot of complaints about dog fouling and these measures, if introduced, could help to reduce the problems people tell us about, such as dog mess on sports pitches.

‘Whether you agree or disagree please make sure you have your say as we want to consider everyone’s views when making a decision.’

The full consultation notice can be viewed online at