Nigel Farage says he’s considering legal action over expenses reports

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said he is taking legal advice about allegations concerning his use of EU expenses.

According to The Times, Mr Farage receives £15,500 a year to run his constituency office in Bognor Regis, even though it claims it is provided to him rent-free by local Ukip supporters.

A former office manager told the newspaper the premises cost about £3,000 yearly to run.

But he said: ‘We do not claim expenses for running offices or any other activity that takes place within our member state the United Kingdom, we get an allowance, a fixed rate allowance, and we can spend it as we see fit.’

The allowance, he said, is £3,580 a month and MEP’s are given recommendations of what it can legitimately be spent on, such as running an office and paying phone bills.

Asked if he would consider handing his expenses over for independent scrutiny, he said: ‘If that would solve the argument, of course I would. The real point, of course, here is that Ukip ultimately don’t want any of these allowances, we don’t want British MEPs costing the taxpayer all this money.’