Nigel Farage told not to pose for Portsmouth Guildhall picture

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A MEDIA circus met Nigel Farage as he came to Portsmouth city centre this afternoon.

The Ukip leader walked up Commercial Road after his stop in Old Portsmouth and stopped by a Conservative party street stall before being mobbed by journalists on his way to Portsmouth Guildhall for a Ukip press conference.

Nigel Farage in Portsmouth today

Nigel Farage in Portsmouth today

There was controversy outside the building after he was told he couldn’t stand and pose for pictures on the Guildhall steps, despite others sitting nearby.

It was overheard that he wasn’t allowed since he is a party political figure, but Ukip supporters slammed it as a form of control by the Lib Dem run council.


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Talking at the conference about the upcoming local and Euro elections, Mr Farage said: ‘we are giving people the opportunity to join a people’s army on May 22.

‘We have been getting just over 20 per cent of our support from people who have not normally voted in any form of election in the last 20 years.

‘Our job over the next four and a half weeks is to move and mobilise people who don’t normally vote.

‘If we can get these people to feel they are joining a people’s army and something exciting is happening then we will win these elections.’