Nigel Farage: Why you should vote for my party

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Portsmouth is the great naval city.

But today, a visit to the island can be a little sad, because the harbour seems like more of a museum than an active naval port.

Such has been the decline in the Royal Navy.

It actually beggars belief that it was under a Conservative government that we’ve seen foreign aid rise and our defences slashed to the bone.

But the big one is the shipbuilding that recently moved
 to Scotland, which has affected about 1,000 jobs.

And for what?

More appeasement towards Scotland?

More of the Conservative Party selling out to Alex 
Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, all the while refusing to confront the Barnett formula and English votes for English laws?

I believe that Ukip can offer better.

We have proved through our costed, independently 
audited manifesto commitments that we are the party of defence.

We are the party of small businesses.

We are the party of jobs, deficit-cutting, and patriotism.

And I can tell you exactly what Ukip can bring to Portsmouth, and what our excellent candidates and councillors have been working towards for the past few 
years, while making Ukip a substantial force in the 

Ukip wants to bring the building of new, Black Swan Class Battle Sloops to the Portsmouth docks, returning jobs to the area.

We recognise that Mr Cameron made a promise about bringing shipbuilding back, but has done nothing about it since.

Much like his 2008 commitment to a European referendum.

And Ukip, locally, wants to cut the excessive allowances of local councillors, adopt a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour, and keep more police officers on the beat, instead of behind desks.

I truly believe that at this election, we are the only party campaigning on positive messages and ideas.

We are the only party offering solutions that aren’t based on more borrowing and debt, that aren’t tailored to special interest groups, and that don’t fit in with a big business, corporate agenda.

We are the real party of change.

And you, as a Portsmouth voter must also ask yourself questions about national priorities.

Do you believe that net migration can stand at 300,000+ per year, despite the Tory promises to reduce it to the ‘tens of thousands’?

Do you believe that our NHS needs a costed £3bn extra per year?

Do you believe in reducing the national debt and deficit, and reducing our foreign aid budget so that we can 
spend more at home?

More on Britain.

Portsmouth has already paid a hefty price under this Conservative-led government, and the truth is, 
that the best way to hold the next government to account, in the name of British interests, is to have Ukip MPs in the House of Commons fighting your corner.

Ukip did very well in the local elections here, and we are now a serious contender in the area.

Putting a cross in the Ukip box on May 7 means much more than wanting a European referendum, and regaining sovereignty for our country.

It means getting a rational policy on immigration, a 
highly acclaimed housing policy, serious voices on education, and crucially, it means voting for the party of defence.

On May 7, I urge you to vote Ukip.

Because together, we can make the positive change this city, and this country, needs.