Opposition calls for Fareham leader’s resignation

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CALLS have been made by a council’s opposition for Fareham’s leader to resign following an announcement that the authority needs to build an extra 2,000 more houses by 2036.

Former Green Party parliamentary candidate and ex­-Warsash Residents’ Association chairman Miles Grindey, has joined calls by Cllr Paul Whittle, the Lib Dem opposition leader, for Tory leader Sean Woodward, pictured, to step down.

As reported, Fareham council said it needs to build the 2,000 homes on top of 6,000 in new town Welborne and 1,800 already included in its plan so that it can meet demand.

Mr Grindey said: ‘It is an utter disgrace what they have done to our home. It is a betrayal of trust to those who were conned into believing they would look after our green spaces.’

However, Cllr Woodward said: ‘The real disgrace would be if we sat idly by and did nothing to house our fellow residents in desperate need as well as acknowledging that we now need to house three generations rather than two.

‘It is also pretty clear given that the local plan covering the vast majority of the borough needs to be rolled forward by 10 years then there will be some need for additional homes to be found.’