Outline options for new 7,000-home town are revealed

DETAILS Anne Fairhurst, 70, and her husband John Fairhurst, 69, from Fareham, looking at the plans. Picture: Sarah Standing (122412-8959)
DETAILS Anne Fairhurst, 70, and her husband John Fairhurst, 69, from Fareham, looking at the plans. Picture: Sarah Standing (122412-8959)

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PEOPLE have been given their first chance to see broad plans for a new town of up to 7,000 new homes north of Fareham.

Fareham Borough Council unveiled four main options on how the town should be built on green space between Fareham and Wickham at the first of a series of consultation exhibitions.

Dozens of people attended the first session at Ferneham Hall to see the proposals and have their say on them.

The options range from 6,650 to 7,250 homes with new access from the A32 to junction 11 of the M27, to the same but without the link road and improving junction 10 instead, a third of 6,300 to 6,850 homes and a final option of just 5,400 to 5,900 homes, all to the west of the A32.

They could also comment on suggested locations for a new secondary school and where the district shopping centre should be placed.

Among those who came to see the proposals was John Fairhurst, 69, of Miller Drive in Fareham, who said: ‘The less impact for us the better, so for us, it would have to be the final option, but if that doesn’t provide enough homes for a reasonable duration, then it would have to be the third.’

Anne Baxandall, 79, of Longmynd Drive in Fareham, said: ‘I have talked to several of the officers but they still aren’t answering some of my questions about the infrastructure, and I don’t just mean the community centre and the schools.

‘And if you think people will stay there to work, they won’t, the traffic in the north part of Fareham is already horrendous. The proposals to enlarge junction 10 are crazy, it would be so expensive and disruptive.’

Bob and Joy Thornby run the Fareham Rifle and Pistol Club on land at Boundary Oak School on Wickham Road, and wanted to see how the plans could affect the club. Mr Thornby, 59, said: ‘They should just build on the west side of the A32 first and see how it gets on.

‘Look at Knowle Village – there’s only one little road in, are they going to make the same mistakes here? Are they trying to do too much too soon?’

Brian Lyde, 76, of Southampton Road in Fareham added: ‘The council is clutching at straws with what they’re planning to do here, so they’re asking the public. It’s what I call pseudo-democracy.’

The next exhibition is on Wednesday from 2pm to 7pm at Funtley Social Club, Funtley. It will be back at Ferneham Hall on Thursday, from 2pm to 7pm.