Parish precept increases as Hordean Parish Council looks at 2012 budget

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RESIDENTS will have to pay slightly more for parish council services in Horndean next year.

Horndean Parish Council has decided to implement an increase to the precept of five per cent.

Councillors stressed, however, that this was below the current rate of inflation and took into account the current economic situation which affects all residents.

It comes as some other key decisions have been made at the council, which maintains vast areas of open space in the Horndean area.

The council has decided not to fill the current vacancy for an assistant countryside ranger in order to save cash.

However, council officials said they are confident the service will not be affected.

Tracy Predeth, clerk to the council, said: ‘The council has a number of projects that it wishes to initiate during the coming year and has formally registered interest in funds held by East Hampshire District Council from developers’ contributions.

‘The full list of 13 projects, ranging from a skate park to building improvements on council-owned properties, will be issued once the priorities have been agreed.’