Parliament for campaigning mum who lost son to vCJD

EVIDENCE Christine Lord
EVIDENCE Christine Lord

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THE mother of a man who died of the human form of mad cow disease will appear before a parliamentary committee to discuss blood, tissue and organ screening.

Christine Lord lost her only son Andrew Black to vCJD, a degenerative brain disease, in 2007 when he was 24 years old.

She has been campaigning for the urgent need for a screening test for blood donors.

On Wednesday she will give evidence of her research into the risk posed by contaminated blood and medical equipment to the government’s Science and Technology Committee which is looking into the issues around blood, tissue and organ screening.

Ms Lord, from Southsea, has written a book about her son’s tragic death, Who Killed My Son?, and has dedicated her life to researching the killer disease.

You can watch proceedings, which begin at 9.15am, at