Party picks two candidates for elections in May

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TWO candidates have been chosen to stand for Portsmouth parliamentary seats in May.

Sean Hoyle and Jon Woods are the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (Tusc) candidates and their campaigns began at a meeting last night.

Mr Hoyle is the Portsmouth South candidate and Mr Woods will contest the north seat.

The pair will be fighting it out against other candidates including, in the north, sitting MP Tory Penny Mordaunt, Labour councillor John Ferrett and Mike FitzGerald for Ukip.

In the south there is Lib Dem former Portsmouth City Council leader Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Tory Flick Drummond, Labour’s Sue Castillon, and Ukip’s Douglas Denny.

Mr Hoyle said: ‘I decided to stand because we need to get facts out there. All the other parties are the same and Ukip pretend to be right-wing but they are just the right-wing version of the Tories.

‘I was at the election results in May and saw the Ukip councillors embrace the Tory councillors and then the Labour group got involved.

‘They all have the same policies and no matter who is in power come May, cuts will continue.

‘If people are fed up with the three established parties, like they should be, they shouldn’t vote for Ukip to make a stand.

‘We are against cuts and austerity and we are the only party that wants to stop them.’

Tusc aims to have 1,000 people standing as councillors for the next elections alongside 100 parliamentary candidates.

Mr Woods said Tusc can prove a viable alternative.

He said: ‘I can understand people’s disgust at the main political parties but the answer isn’t Ukip.

‘They have no policies and they are making all the main parties more right-wing.

‘They are dragging them further down that line.

‘We have to build a proper opposition to them.’

He added: ‘All the main parties are serving up more cuts but we want to introduce a minimum wage of £10 an hour and tax the rich.’

Speaking at the meeting, at Fratton Trades Club, Dave Nellist, chairman of the Tusc National Steering Committee, said: ‘Our parliamentary candidates will be anti-austerity and our councillors will be anti-cuts so we need people to know who we are and recognise us a party.’