‘Passport’ plan to help increase visit numbers

WHAT A VIEW Spinnaker Tower
WHAT A VIEW Spinnaker Tower

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A ‘PASSPORT to Portsmouth’ is to be offered to visitors to the Spinnaker Tower as part of a drive to make sure visitors make the most of the area’s attractions.

The passport offers all tower visitors discounted entry to 10 venues, including the D-Day Musuem, Gosport’s Explosion! naval museum, Blue Reef and the Pyramids centre.

The idea is part of a drive to make sure people who come to the tower are encouraged to see the rest of what the region has to offer – and to tell their family and friends.

Drusilla Moody, city council events manager and the leader of Visit Portsmouth, which aims to bring tourists into the city, said: ‘The city has a lot to offer, from the D-Day Museum and Blue Reef on the seafront, to shopping centres like Albert Road.

‘It’s time we all worked together more to make sure everyone who comes here is aware of all the city offers.

‘In the current economic climate, more individual attractions are doing just that, as it’s of benefit to everyone.

‘This scheme is something we welcome.

‘The stay-time for visitors to the tower is generally around an hour and it’s a great place from which they can see lots of what the city has to offer, and can see it’s all in close walking distance.

‘We do want to see our attractions working together, but it’s clear of course that visitors need a hook, and if you have a voucher which gives you money off, that increases interest.

‘And for day trippers, it might be even better, because there’s far too much to do in just a day, so visitors know they can come back another time and enjoy other attractions.’

Paul Mahy, Spinnaker Tower’s commercial manager, said: ‘We hope we can help add value to a fun-filled day out in the region.

‘The discounts are applicable throughout the year so more people can enjoy what this great city has to offer at a more affordable price.’

Other initiatives Visit Portsmouth hopes to promote include a ‘Greeters Programme’ in which guides take visitors on tours of the city, pointing out areas of special interest which may otherwise be overlooked.

Ms Moody added: ‘The more people can see there is to do here, the more likely they are to come again, and bring their friends.

‘We’re a lively, vibrant city and we must get out there and let people know.’