Pay to go to the toilet – or lose your loos

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County council leader repeats authority bid

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PLANS have been revealed to make people pay 20p to go to the toilet in Chichester – or face up to 13 public loos from being shut down for good.

These are two of the options being discussed by Chichester District Council to achieve savings.

The other three options on the cards are a shared partnership toilet scheme, making limited closures and using the loos as advertising spaces to generate income.

Natalie Prior, 20, of Chichester, said: ‘What if the disabled or elderly need to use those toilets or if a woman needs to change her baby?’

Iain Shepherd, of the Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said charging people would be a ‘penalty on the elderly’.

He added: ‘It is a service you would expect a council to provide as a fundamental basic requirement of life.’

Charges for public conveniences is one of a series of options being considered by councillors, which also include the possibility of permanently closing toilets other than in ‘selected tourist hotspots’.