Pensioners rally to call for care reform

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CAMPAIGNING pensioners will push for reforms in social care by travelling to London tomorrow.

The Portsmouth Pensioners Association (PPA) will set off for Westminster to take part in the National Pensioners Convention’s (NPC) rally which is calling for the creation of a national care service.

Hundreds of pensioners are expected to turn out of the rally, which kick starts the convention’s Fair Care Campaign.

Security will be tight around the Houses of Parliament as the Queen is scheduled to visit on the same day.

PPA secretary June Clarkson said: ‘The way we care for the elderly is a mark of a civilised society.

‘The current adult social care system is in crisis.’

It is riddled with rationing and underfunding, poor standards, lack of efficient regulation, means testing and a lack of political will for reaching a consensus on funding.

‘800,000 elderly people are not getting the care they need.’

The group’s decision to attend the rally has been backed by Portsmouth MPs Mike Hancock and Penny Mordaunt.

Ms Mordaunt, MP for Portsmouth North, said: ‘They will be massively supported by all sides of the house and I am hoping it won’t be too long before we introduce some legislation and increase funding to drive up quality.’

Mr Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, added: ‘I have already written to the group giving my support for the campaign.

‘They need to get all party support. The implications of this are for the next generation or more.

‘This is a plan for long term care for the future. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, the reciprocations of this campaign will be felt by all of us.’

The rally will include talks from shadow health minister Liz Kendall, Allison Roche from Unison, and Baroness Sally Greengross from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.’