People '˜need to buck up and look after Southsea Common'

LITTERBUGS have been condemned for leaving piles of rubbish strewn across Southsea Common.

Monday, 16th May 2016, 6:02 am
Updated Monday, 16th May 2016, 8:31 am
Litter piled up by bins on Southsea Common Picture: Linda Symes

Senior Tory councillor Linda Symes took pictures of disposable barbecues, used picnic gear and black and plastic bags full of rubbish left behind by families.

Cllr Symes said the way a lot of people treat the common is ‘shocking’ – and the burden falling on the council to pick up after people is increasing.

She’s calling for people to start taking ‘pride’ in their city – and to take rubbish home with them if they can’t find a bin to put things away.

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Litter on the common Picture: Linda Symes

Cllr Symes said: ‘I know sometimes on hot days there are thousands of people who use the common.

‘Lots of them don’t have gardens, but the way a lot of them treat the common and other open spaces is shocking.

‘This is at a time when every penny matters in having to pay for extra staff to clean up after people who leave their rubbish behind and expect others to pick it up.

‘It takes little effort to clear it up and put it in a bin or even take it home with them.

Litter on the common Picture: Linda Symes

‘They leave broken bottles , discarded nappies , food packaging and discarded barbecues to name a few. It would be nice if they took pride in their city, and had consideration for others who come after them to enjoy this space.’

Tony Brown, chairman of the Southsea Association, said visitors need to ‘buck up their ideas’. He said: ‘The council can only do so much.

‘When the council has left huge receptacles on the common for people to put their rubbish in, people have dumped their rubbish elsewhere. People need to buck up their ideas. A lot of them are too lazy to go to the bin.

‘There are schoolchildren who sit around in circles on the common, and when they leave it’s like an empty wasteland.’

Newly-elected Lib Dem councillor Steve Pitt agreed with the concerns, but also said clearer signs need to be put up pinpointing people to the correct bins.

He said: ‘People who leave rubbish in public spaces and spoil it for other people are selfish. We should take pride in our city. But there is some confusion over where they can dispose of their barbecue materials. I have seen people put their rubbish in the barbecue bins which then doesn’t leave any room for barbecues.’