Pier campaigners seek advice from trust official

TUMBLEDOWN South Parade Pier
TUMBLEDOWN South Parade Pier
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A COMMUNITY group which wants to rejuvenate Southsea’s South Parade Pier is getting more help.

The People’s Pier is getting advice from Jess Steele, treasurer of the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust, which won £11.4m in Heritage Lottery funding this year to save its pier.

The trust spent four years getting the council to make a compulsory purchase order.

In the end the council bought the pier before handing it over.

As previously reported, The People’s Pier is drawing up a business plan and has also taken advice from Angus Meek Architects, which designed and built the Grand Pier, in Weston-super-Mare.

Leon Reis, chairman of The People’s Pier, said: ‘If you are trying to save the pier and you have someone who has a significant history of backing then it would be crazy not to take their advice.

‘The similarities between what we are doing and what they have done is enormous – difficult owners, a lack of maintenance and a council that doesn’t want to order a compulsory purchase order.

‘In the end they got their council to do so.

‘There are negative people out there who have said we should let the pier fall into the sea and we are a bunch of dreamers.’

Though £125,000 needs to be found to cover professional advice, Mr Reis said the treasurer was only being paid a small sum.

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