Plans for 55-home estate in Portchester unveiled for site following resident protest

PLANS to build a 55-home estate on former allotments in Portchester have been labelled '˜absolute nonsense'.

Monday, 10th October 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 7:27 pm
Residents in Portchester block machinery from being used on Thursday
Residents in Portchester block machinery from being used on Thursday

Potential developers Radian Homes confirmed they are eyeing up land off Moraunt Drive for the development, which comes after residents protested against the site owners using heavy machinery to clear the site.

As reported, people used their cars to block out contractors on Thursday, as they feared that badger sets and bats’ homes were being destroyed by the work.

In a statement submitted to The News, the site owners say the work was ‘investigative’ to establish ecology, topography and drainage reports for a pending planning application.

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Dave Wiltshire, a Portchester resident, said that while he could see the development being ‘shoe-horned’ into the site, he lamented the site owner’s process of revealing its intentions to residents.

He said: ‘The way this has all been done so far has been disgraceful.

‘They have taken no care and consideration in the way they’ve gone about it which really infuriates us.

‘I can see them shoe-horning homes there but they will definitely have a fight on their hands.’

Pat Rook, of Albion Close, said: ‘We will fight the homes as they are not going to be able to fit an estate that size there and if they try, they will not be quality homes at all.

‘We are still angry that they tried to bring that huge wood chopping machine onto the land, it was ridiculous.’

Geoff Fazackarley, Fareham borough councillor for Portchester East, said: ‘It is absolute nonsense. There is no infrastructure at all to accommodate a development like this, it would not work at all in my mind.’

A statement on behalf of site owners the Churchlands Trust and Danisco said: ‘We can confirm that investigative works are currently taking place on the site to enable a series of essential reports. These will inform plans for a high-quality residential development. Any such plans would include access to a new area of open parkland on the shore.

‘The landowners gave consent to potential future developers Radian Homes, to carry out this work, which does involve some clearance.

‘All of the work has been supervised by an appointed ecologist who has ensured that protection of wildlife is paramount.

‘We will be writing shortly to our close neighbours to introduce ourselves and to provide a point of contact as we move forward.’