Plans for new homes in Gosport could run into trouble

PROPOSALS to build 100 new homes in land between Gosport and Fareham could come across a major stumbling block.

Thursday, 19th September 2019, 9:47 pm
Residents talk to Cllr Stephen Philpott, right, about the proposals for new homes this week. Picture: David George

Residents and councillors in Gosport are opposed to plans for 100 houses earmarked for behind Tukes Avenue, Bridgemary. The homes would go between Tukes Avenue and Newgate Lane East, under proposals from Bargate Homes, which held a consultation for the public this week. The land belongs to Fareham Borough Council, but with Hampshire County Council blocking the use of Newgate Lane East as a road in,  Bargate Homes will need planning approval from Gosport to create a road from Brookers Lane. At the consultation, residents told The News of their frustration that these houses would rely on Gosport services. Rachael Cheshire, 55 from Tukes Avenue, said: 'I'm not happy about it at all. 'It's a Fareham development that needs Gosport access, and expects us to give up our school places and GP surgeries while they collect all the council tax.' Derek Howard, 79 from Tukes Avenue, added: 'The Brookers Lane junction isn't suitable for heavy traffic. There have been other plans in the past that have gone nowhere - I wonder how many more they're going to try.' Cllr Stephen Philpott, a councillor for both Gosport and Hampshire, says not only will he campaign for Gosport to refuse the road application, but that the county council will be involved. 'In March 2018 Hampshire County Council placed a prohibition of driving order on a strip of land between the western end of Brookers Lane and Newgate Lane East,’ he said. 'For the developers to get access, the county council would have to rescind or amend that order - and I will oppose any move of that kind.' Consultant Marlies Koutstall has admitted that without Gosport Borough Council's support, the scheme would be difficult.

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She said: 'We can't use Newgate Lane East, so we need Brookers Lane as an access point. But there are lots of facilities you can walk or cycle to, like the shops, retail park and so on. 'It's a relatively small site, so it's not large enough for a new school and we believe it fits the local capacity for services.' Planning applications are due within weeks.

Residents talk to Cllr Stephen Philpott, right, about the proposals for new homes this week. Picture: David George